Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions fill in the contact form below or email

Will I be able to add images, text and blog posts to my website?

Yes, the websites are WordPress based and therefore are easy for you to update once I have desgined your website.

Will my website be responsive on mobiles and tablets?

Yes, the websites are optimised for mobile phones and tablets, meaning that your site will look great no matter which device people are using.

Should I buy a domain?

The process is easier if I purchase the domain for you (and I include one year free domain in my prices). However, if you have already purchased a domain it is usually possible for me to transfer it to start making your new website.

Which CMS do you use?

My websites are created using WordPress Content Management System. I chose to create my sites with WordPress because it is a solid foundation that is easy for you (the user) to update with images, text and blogs by yourself. 

Building on WordPress means I can spend more time creating beautiful and stylish websites. I don’t use templates and create them myself, ensuring you website is unique to you and has extra stylish details.

What is hosting?

Hosting is basically the bit of the internet where your website lives – think of it as a shop that you are renting for your business, except it is a virtual space that is keeping your business online.

HEY There

HEY There! I'm Sarah and welcome to my new business HEY Pear. I design creative websites for small businesses. Having worked in various marketing roles, maintaining the websites was always a big part of my job. I came to realise that most of the websites I was dealing...